Is being a dancer a real job?

Hello chic@s! Here we are one more Sunday. Today's theme has arisen thanks to a friend who is also a dancer. I found it a very interesting subject on which I think it is worth writing and giving my point of view.


Some people say being a dancer isn't a real job, and this is what I'm going to talk to you about. I honestly don't know what those people think makes this claim, but I'm certainly sure they have no idea of all the work behind them.


As always, I will tell you about my personal experiences or those of close friends to those who have passed things related to this.


Dancing, giving a class, doing a demo or improvising isn't just that. All this requires a lot of training, which costs time and money, something that many people do not take into account. A one-hour class often takes hours behind preparation. It's not just a step and teaching it in a class. To make that step you have to have worked much earlier, and you also have to be able to explain it perfectly to other people so that they understand it and be able to solve any kind of doubt that may arise. Maybe this sounds easy, but it's not at all.



A demo in which you improvise also has a lot of work behind it. To be able to improvise you have to work a lot on yourself, until you have the ease to be able to play with the music without having to wear something choreographed.


Personally, I think it's a job that a lot of people don't value enough. Behind every choreography, every video, every presentation, there are hours and hours of rehearsals, often losing important occasions and everything to get to give your best.


That's why a whole three-minute show isn't just three minutes. Sometimes some people say, but how can you charge that for dancing for three minutes? But the work I and a lot of dancers do isn't just those three minutes on stage. Behind a show are months of rehearsals, injuries, fights, crying and more. There's a lot of money in class, in the locker room, which has to be perfect and in every detail. In my case I even design my wardrobe, something that also takes a long time.


For a short video, of those you see on social media, it also takes a lot of work. In my case when I dance alone many times I improvis, but others do not. If I dance with someone I have to prepare a small sequence with the person and rehearse them until it is perfect on both sides, because it does not serve anything. And that's just the dance part, after that there's still the video and music montage part and so on. There are those who have money and pay to do it to them, and there are those of us who do it ourselves, so it is a more added job.


In addition, to have a good performance as a dancer, you have to have good physical shape. And to do this you have to train and eat a healthy diet. Our body is our working tool so it should be well taken care of.


In short, they're right, being a dancer isn't a job, for me it's like about 5 at a time. I am a dancer, designer, dj, community manager, video editor and many others.


Like every Sunday, thank you so much for being there. I hope you liked the post and you would tell me in the comments!

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  • Maravillosa amiga como siempre! Tu eres una campeona,multitarea y súper talentosa mi amiga!

    • Sheila