My story in the world of dance

Hello chic@s! Here we are one more Sunday, thank you for joining me as every week. Today I want to talk to you about something very important to me, my history in the world of dance.


Well, I'd like to start by talking to you a little bit about my roots. I was born in Pontevedra (Galicia, Spain), but I have Brazilian and Spanish origin. My mother is from Rio de Janeiro and my father from Pontevedra. Because they have Latin blood they usually tell me that I have the rhythm inside, I don't know if it's because of that or because it's my passion, although maybe if it helps a little.


Until recently, every time I was asked when I had started dancing I always answered that it was when I was 16, but I realized that's not entirely true. From a young age I always participated in the school dance festivals, and I remember forming a group with my friends to teach them Batuka at recess. Besides, my mom taught me the basics of some Latin dances like salsa and bachata when I was only 8 years old. Therefore, dancing has been present in my life since very small, even if I was not fully aware.


When I was 13 I started doing synchronized swimming, some people say it's like dancing, only in the water. It is certainly something very different for me, although they share the art of expressing themselves using music. I stayed about 3 years, which were unique and wonderful. During that time I learned many things that I was then able to apply to the dance. Above all, what I took that served me the most were wonderful tips of the feet and a very good elasticity.


When I was 16, when I left synchronised swimming, I started receiving dance lessons. The first dance I received lessons from was the Brazilian Zouk. A dance that I still love today and that I keep a special affection for, perhaps because I'm the first. For a year I only taught this style, and I went to my first socials where I also danced Cuban sauce and bachata.


A year after I started dancing was when I received my first Kizomba class, the style I dedicate myself to today.


I started teaching with my first teacher, who later became my dance partner. It was four years of dancing together that I trained in and learned a lot. When we started as a dance partner, we danced and taught Kizomba, and later we opted for urban Kiz.


Shortly before we finished our tour together I became interested in Lady Style, and I began to make my way into this world. I received classes with some of the best dancers in the world as my inspiration since I started dancing Urban Kiz, Carolina Fajardo and also Sara López, Sara Panero   and Carola Tauler among others. It wasn't an easy road, but nothing worth it is. Another day I'll tell you a little more about Lady Style and what lady represents to me.


As I ended my journey with my first partner, I began teaching alone, something that is not easy in this world, let alone for a woman. We always face questions or comments they don't ask men, but that's another issue. It was certainly one of the periods in which I learned the most, enjoyed and still enjoyed today.


After about two years of dancing alone, an incredible opportunity arose in my life, dancing with Tony Pirate. One of the best and most recognized Kizomba dancers worldwide. It was really unexpected for me, one of those gifts that life gives you. I had the dream of being an international dancer and worked hard for it, but it is a very difficult thing to achieve, as there is a lot of competition and requires a lot of work.


Dancing with Tony is one of the best things this world has brought me, plus a lot of friends I've done thanks to him. I have traveled in various countries, which I never thought I would visit, making what I love most and sharing experiences with amazing people. I have no words to thank you for everything I've lived through so far since we started our journey together.


There's still a lot to write about this story, and I hope I can do it as soon as this whole Covid-19 situation happens, which is being a big blow to our dance community.


I hope you liked my story, which I've summarized quite a bit. Thank you for joining me, and for making me able to dedicate myself to what I love so much. Without you this would not be possible!


See you next Sunday! I read you in comments.

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  • Holà
    Je ne parle pas assez bien l’espagnol donc je t ecris en Français.
    Je t’ai découvert très récemment sur instagram. J’ai appris la kizomba avec Albir rojas il y a 6 ans ,j’aime beaucoup la kizomba j’aime danser en général et je trouve que la kizomba est une danse qui sublime la femme.
    En lisant ton histoire et en te regardant danser,j’ai bien compris que tu es quelqu’un de passionnée et que la danse te sublime et met en valeur tes caractéristiques et compétences.
    Tony et toi dansez avec votre cœur, votre âme et tout cela avec beaucoup de grâce et de simplicité et vous gagnez des points dans ce milieu si particulier qu’est la kizomba . Restez tels que vous êtes ,je vous trouve formidables et beaux.
    Bonne continuation et vivement la fin du Covid pour espérer vous voir un jour en France 😉

    • Kelya
  • Olá Aurea😘 sigo-te à distância (e as vezes cruzam-nos no Palmera 😁😁) e faço te uma ovação..
    Tens garra na guelra e swing no corpo!
    Com tenra idade já tens o dom da gratidão e por fabor continua a fazer tudo com esse amor. Passaste de menina a mulher… e nunca dizem que é fácil a vida quando há dissabores. Mas aprendes fácil a criar alternativas e a prova é as circunstâncias que já te aconteceram e a vida deu-te o prazer de experimentar.
    Continua assim e não te esqueças da tua essência que é linda e maravilhosa. 😘

    • Ana Érica Pinto