I am Febraio

Hello chic@s! I want to welcome you to"I am Febraio",this new project that I start with a lot of enthusiasm and love.


Before I go any further, I'm going to introduce myself to those of you who don't know me yet. My name is Aurea Febraio, Iam 24 years old and I am an international dancer. I dedicate myself mainly to the Kizomba,although I also teach other forms of dance. In my next posts I will tell you a little more about this, as I could not give you a brief summary about what is the passion of my life.



In this first post I want to tell you a little bit about what my blog is going to be about, so here we go!

For me a personal blog is a place to share things that fill you and are passionate about, so I couldn't tell you anything other than dancing. Everyone who knows me knows that's the case. However, there is one more thing I am passionate about: fashion and travel.


I will try to make a mix between dance, fashion, travel and some things related to these themes. Many times because of my work they ask me things about my workouts or my aesthetics, the looks I use to go to events and so on, and this is what I'll talk to you about in depth around here. I invite you to join me on this beautiful new journey!



Finally, there's something I couldn't let go. Do you know what has prompted me to start writing and creating this new blog? I think the main cause is the number of people who support me day by day, from my family and friends to all the people who follow me for my work. So this is for and for you and I hope you enjoy it as much or more than I do! I have no words to thank you for all the love and support I receive. THANK YOU for being so maravillos@s!


I have many surprises to share with you and I can't wait to do it!


This is it for today, tell me if you liked and excited about the new news. I can't wait to read to you in the comments!




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  • Genial, estoy seguro que como lo transmites bailando o hablando en tus vídeos, lo haces también escribiendo. Sin duda me alegro por ti y por tus proyectos.

    • DIego Couso
  • Me encanta. Aunque sabia mas o menos sobre lo que hablarías, solo de la emoción y de saber que te has lanzado, después de darle muchas vueltas, se me ha puesto la piel de gallina! Me encanta Aurea, sigue triunfando y persiguiendo tus sueños. Siempre te apoyaremos!

    • G